How to Use

Getting start

SemTop! may be runned manually or automatically every time when the Windows starts. Then you will see the program's icon at system tray area:

Note: you do not need to unload the program before Windows shutting down.


Switching windows to top/untop

To make a window of the necessary application always on top:

  • Press the left button of the mouse over the SemTop icon in the tray area;

  • Move cursor to the necessary window without releasing mouse button;
    Mouse cursor now may to be like the pin:

  • Release the mouse button.

To return windows to normal state make the same operations as to top them.

But there is alternate methods to switch windows "always on top" property with SemTop!:

  • by using HotKeys (so-called "shortcut")

  • by choosing necessary windows from program pop-up menu. Right-click on Pin tray icon, then select «Windows» item, and choose program from the windows list:


Permanent applications windows states (auto-on-top)*

If you want to make some applications windows automatically always on top when it starts, just "pin" it with Ctrl pressed. Cursor will be filled in red color.

* - Available only in registered versions

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