How to install and remove the program


The program is distributed as a Windows Installer archive.
Double-click the Windows Installer file ("SemTopInstall.msi") to run setup.

Note: If installation process is not runs, then you neet to update your system's Windows Installer:

The installation program will ask you a few questions, and then it will install SemTop! and create Start menu icons for the program and documentation. You can then run SemTop! from your Start menu or it runs automatically every time the Windows starts.

In Windows XP/Vista/7 the Windows Installer already built in.

Removing the program

To remove the program, follow these steps:

  1. Choose «Settings» -> «Control Panel» from the Start menu;
  2. Open «Add or remove programs»;
  3. Select SemTop! item and click «Remove» button.

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